Great! You’ve considered taking steps to make your Will.

It goes without saying that your Will is likely to be one of the most important documents you will ever sign – so it makes sense to protect it.

It’s estimated that a staggering 50% of Wills cannot be found after the death of a Testator (the person making a Will) – and as a copy Will is not a legal document, it is not acceptable in a court of law. This would have the effect of you dying “Intestate”, that is dying without having made a Will.

There is one place you should NEVER keep your Will – and that’s at HOME. Here’s why:



  • Fire, flood and theft – these are all potential hazards at home, and if your Will is lost, destroyed or damaged it has the effect of dying “Intestate”
  • Accidental damage or defacing – Wills can be contested if they have even a slight tear or mark on them. Holes made by staples or pins, or even a child’s scribbling could all result in the Will being invalidated.
  • Inability to locate or deliberate destruction – your Executors may not be the first to discover your Will, and if those finding it first don’t like your instructions the Will could be removed or destroyed, effectively leaving your affairs as if you hadn’t made a Will.
  • Your latest Will? – It’s important that your Executors know where you have left your latest Will. If an earlier Will is found the chances are they will assume it’s the latest and stop searching.
  • Storage with Solicitors or Banks – Solicitors practices are subject to retirement, merger or closure. As a result your Executors may have difficulty in locating your Will – it may even have been lost in transferral. Storing the document in a bank safety deposit can also present problems as a court order may be necessary to get to it!
So it really is important to ensure your Will is both safe and easily accessible when the time comes. That’s why Bradley & Benson have introduced “Will-Sure”, which is a first-class Storage and Update package – just take a look at the benefits!


  • Secure storage of your Will for LIFE with the Society of Will-Writers
  • NO annual storage fees to pay
  • FREE help, guidance and assistance from the Society of Will-Writers Trust Corporation
  • Certificate of Safe Custody issued by the Society of Will-Writers
  • Custody Identification retrieval cards for your Executors to access the Will on death
  • FREE storage for any other important documents at any time


  • FREE LIFETIME updates to your Will as and when required

If you require any clarification about LIFETIME secure storage and FREE updates to your Will for LIFE don’t hesitate to contact us. It’s a superb add-on to your Will, and unbelievable value for money!

  • Single
  • £299
  • Joint
  • £449