Low-Rate Professional Probate Service

Professional Probate Plus has been designed to provide a professional assistance scheme for our customers to ensure that your end of life affairs are looked after as you have directed, and that your Estate is properly and carefully administered at this most sad and distressing time for your loved ones.

This feature is incorporated into all our special package products, including;

Obviously the terms of a valid Will must be adhered to, and it is the role of the Executor to ensure this function is carried out as specified. However, it is quite apparent that many of those appointed to be Executors have little knowledge of what the role entails.

By appointing the Society of Will-Writers Trust Corporation as a reserve Executor, if required, they will work alongside family or friends that you have appointed as Executors, thereby relieving them of the difficult, complex and legal issues that will inevitably arise during the Probate process.

which_rip_offThe scheme entitles you to the Society of Will-Writers Low-Rate Probate service at just 1.25% of the value of your Estate – and as you can see, at only a fraction of the charges usually made by banks and solicitors! You’ll also have access to the Society of Will-Writers Trust Corporation’s professional advice service when required.

In a Which? report published in the Money Mail (Jun 2010) undercover researchers made 42 visits to banks, solicitors and specialist Will-Writers around Britain. The researchers posed as divorcees with two children aged over 18 who wanted to leave everything to them 50/50. They had assets of £270,000 (below the Inheritance Tax threshold). The chart to the right shows the results of the Which? research.

Incidentally, Bradley & Benson’s Professional Probate Plus charge for administering the Estate would have been just £3,375 (1.25% of £270,000 subject to a minimum of £1,000+VAT).

For further information on the role of the Executor and this first-class professional probate assistance, please see our guide, or contact us. We’ll be happy to discuss the options available to you and answer any queries you may have.

You’ll find our service to be professional yet friendly and our explanations simple and straightforward in an area that can sometimes be difficult to grasp!

  • Single
  • £50
  • Joint
  • £75